I am a Swiss physician, the mother of two children and a late-night jeweller.
In my daytime job, I am an infectious diseases specialist and I am lucky to work in a very interesting, stimulating and sometimes challenging field. 
Nonetheless, creative work, completely unrelated to my medical profession, has always been a big part of my life. I simply refused to give it up. 

From 2013-2015, I lived in Melbourne and I worked in a position with less responsibility than I had back home.  While this was frustrating at first, it proved to be a great opportunity: it gave me the freedom to carve out time and space to set up my studio and to spend time at the bench. 

This is a one-woman show: everything you see is created by me. 
I am a perfectionist, who finds beauty in the unfinished, the slightly battered and somewhat crooked. I like the traces of elements in nature, and I sometimes like the signs of time on my skin. I like the tracks and marks of fabrication on my jewellery, they distinguish the handmade from the machine produced. I devote my time, imagination, vision, creativity and craftsmanship to the process of each creation. My aim is to give each unique item my full attention and focus. I hope you will be able to see, feel and appreciate this special quality of my work.

This is a story about balance: I still have (and love) my daytime job and have a busy life with my family…creating jewellery is my "room of one's own", the thing I do just for myself, with a sense of curiosity, an eagerness to learn and discover, and this feeling of independence and freedom that can be elusive in the bustle of everyday life.