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Tourmaline petal ring size 6.5

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This unique ring was handmade by me in my studio.

I had this ring in my head for weeks. I thought about it during a winter mostly spent at my hospital job. It was not yet spring, but there was a sense that it might arrive, when I finally found time to sit down and make it. The band is an assembly of petal-like sterling silver shapes, fused together to wrap around your finder in an organic, tactile way. The lightly polished freeform tourmaline with its natural shape, smashing colours and imperfect surface was a wonderful match. The sterling silver setting reflects the botanical idea behind this piece.


US size 6.5

stone: watermelon tourmaline 10x8mm

setting 16x14mm

band: layered sterling silver petals, ca 12x1.5mm

weight: 9g