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Serene tourmaline ring size 7.25

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This ring was handmade by me in my studio

The imprinted sterling silver band was a byproduct of a different project. It was a substantial, contained little object and I had it sitting on my bench for several months. I didn’t know what to make with it. I tried different stones over many weeks, nothing spoke to me. Then this uncut tourmaline found its way to my workspace and it was just right. The setting I chose respects the clarity of the lines, not much was needed, just very simple quiet forms. This ring has a stillness that almost feels stark, there is nothing overexcited or frilly about it. It’s just an object. Serenity.


US size 7.25

stone: bluegreen tourmaline crystal, uncut 14x7mm

setting: 18x9mm

band: textured sterling silver 8x1.8mm

weight: 12g